So glad you're here...

 I'm Torina and I've always had a passion for researching the mind/body connection and  the importance of nutrition. Growing up with an "Old School" Greek  father, who danced in his 90's, it was natural for me to learn remedies that  would later turn out to be quite beneficial. At 53, I still go back to  the basics.

My  journey has not always been an easy one. For years I made quarterly  doctor visits with complaints from head to toe. The doctors answers were  prescribing medications. I didn't want medications, I wanted answers. I  was severely bloated and the ultimate nightmare for me was developing  psoriasis. At first it was just elbows and a couple spots here and  there. 

What happened next would be devastating and quite rare. Psoriasis all over my face. 

The  pain was unbearable and I refused all conventional treatment. I wanted  to know why my face had gotten to the point it felt and looked like  someone threw acid on it. I stuck it out and against all odds, I healed  my facial psoriasis naturally. Nutrition played a major role. 

I  am a testament to the power of nutrition and it is with passion that I  share the knowledge I have gained. I want to empower you to get fired up  about your health and take control of your body.