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5 Ways to Avoid Your Home Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

In this day and age of little luxuries, it is no wonder that we, as a society, are heavier. Did you know that some things in your home could actually be contributing to weight gain and sabotaging your efforts to lose weight? It’s true! From color schemes to the number of bathrooms you have to even what plates you eat on, there are little saboteurs in your home that must be erased in order to realize your weight loss goals.

There are countless little things that can be done in the home to encourage rather than interfere with your weight loss goals. However, by starting on the following improvements, you should eventually start seeing some improvements physically as well.


1.  Your dinner plates and drink glasses may be too big! When you have a large dinner plate, chances are that you are going to put more food than you would normally eat on it. And more than likely, you are going to eat most of it to avoid “wasting” the food. Put those 10 and 12 inch plates in storage and invest in some inexpensive plates about 7 to 9 inches instead. You will end up eating less and not miss a thing!

Some drinks offer up a lot of empty calories that can add inches to your waistline each year so exchange your gargantuan drinking glasses for those that hold about 8 ounces, the normal serving size for most drinks. In addition, banish those huge juice glasses and coffee cups as well. They should only hold 6 ounces.  

2.  Turn off the TV and turn on the music. Many studies show that when you eat and watch TV at the same time, you could potentially eat up to 40% more than you normally would! Goodness– that translates to quite a few more pounds at the end of the year. Instead, turn on the music, classical if possible. For some reason, fills in some mental gap that would normally be filled up by food if you were watching TV. Music is soothing and can help prevent stress or inattentive eating habits.


3.  Get rid of your “fat” clothes. Many women have three sizes of clothing – their skinny size, their regular size and their feeling fat size. If you are smaller than those fat sizes, get rid of them. They are sabotaging your chances of losing weight. When your regular clothes start to feel tight, that is your clue to shape up. By holding on to those “fat” clothes, you are essentially giving yourself permission to eat what you want.


4.  Let there be light! The use of light is a powerful psychological tool. By allowing daylight to peek into your curtains, you are synchronizing your body to respond positively to each day. Daylight helps prevent depression which could lead to overeating. Also, by keeping your kitchen brightly lit, you are less likely to overeat. Again, this all boils down to psychology.

5.  Turn on some music. Whether you are working out or cleaning the house, do not turn on your TV for background noise. Instead, put on some energizing music. Many studies have shown that working out to energizing music helps you go farther on that stationary bike or treadmill or last longer with other work-out options. In addition, if you are cleaning the house, most people cannot resist a little dancing in between dusting or mopping. So essentially, you are getting two ways of burning calories – one when you are cleaning and two, when you are doing your impromptu dancing.

Bonus Improvements

The use of color and smell is also a big motivator when it comes to losing weight. Burning candles or essential oils with the scent of peppermint or cinnamon is energizing. People who work out tend to last longer within their exercise routines. In addition, energizing smells tend to suppress those urges to eat during times of stress or boredom.

In addition, for some reason, people tend to eat less when faced with the color blue. Therefore, if your kitchen color scheme can handle it, serve dinner on blue plates or paint a wall blue. Colors such as red and green tend to increase appetites, so try and avoid these colors in your dinnerware.


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