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How Gluten Interferes With Weight Loss

For some individuals, gluten can pose a serious health problem. For others, it is a sensitivity, but can still wreak havoc throughout the body. Gluten is typically a protein that is found in foods made from wheat. The inability to digest food inside the small intestine due to an extreme sensitivity to gluten is what will typically cause Celiac disease.

While Celiac disease is the worst-case scenario for those individuals allergic to gluten, other individuals may still have sensitivity where claims are made to cause fatigue and possibly even contribute to inflammatory diseases.

Gluten can wreak havoc in your weight loss goals, as well. If you have not heard, a gluten-free diet is all the rage these days, especially in the world of celebrities. It is believed that gluten interferes with weight loss. Here are a few thoughts on how gluten interferes with weight loss.

It is believed that gluten sensitivity can be the cause of the body holding onto excess water and, therefore, water weight gain that you simply cannot get rid of.
It is also believed that gluten causes belly bloat to aggravate because of the sensitivity to this protein.
Some studies have shown that eating wheat may cause your body to over generate higher levels of insulin. Insulin is the hormone responsible for moving sugar from your bloodstream to the cells of the body. Higher levels of this insulin can cause your body to hold onto fat around your stomach, which is known fondly today as belly bloat.

It stands to reason that if your body has quite a bit of insulin circulating around, then the process of low blood sugar can result.

Of course, if you have low blood sugar and feel hungry, your first instinct is to grab something to eat. Some of the easiest and fastest foods are those with gluten, for example a bagel or a slice of pizza.

If you are interested in giving it a try, see if you can eliminate wheat products from your diet entirely for one month. If you notice a decrease in weight loss, then perhaps, going gluten free is the way to go for you.

Take out some books from the library on nutrition. Spend a little bit of time each day before you start your gluten-free diet reading about nutrition and see what you can replace the gluten products with in order to maintain a healthy and balanced body.

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4 Secrets to Losing Weight

If you are battling with excess weight, than you probably know that losing the pounds can be both difficult and frustrating. However, there are four secrets that many people never know that can make weight loss a lot easier. Losing weight will never be easy, but if you work hard at it, you can reach your target weight.


The first secret to weight loss is to talk to your doctor. This might not be a secret per se, but it is something that most people overlook. When you talk to your doctor he or she may be able to look at you health history and determine exactly what is causing your problem. In some causes, your medical condition goes beyond healthy eating and exercising. When you talk to your doctor, you can easily get to the bottom of the problem and learn helpful tips to losing weight.


Another great secret to weight loss is to improve your posture. Ok, this may not be exactly a way to lose weight, but it certainly will make you look thinner! Good posture, whether you are standing or sitting, will add and immediately slim your body. In many cases, we stand up straight in dressing rooms when trying on clothing, but if you truly want to look like you’ve lost weight, good posture is crucial at all times. This can also help with the weight loss process itself because good posture when you perform exercises will lead to more effective workouts.


The third secret to weight loss is to get your whole family involved. It can be very tempting to ditch the salad had have a hamburger with your husband or a taco with your wife, but if the entire family is eating healthy foods, weight loss won’t seem so depressing. Keep the junk food out of the house completely, and everyone will be healthier.


Lastly, one of the biggest secrets to weight loss is to think about your weight in terms of everyday life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park in the last parking spot at the mall or at work and walk to the front door. Cut out coffee and replace it with tea in the morning. Go outside to play with your children instead of staying indoors. Go out dancing instead of seeing a movie. These little things may not make a big impact on your life in general, but if you do them regularly, the burnt calories will add up and you’ll start to see real results.

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Challenges to Losing Weight

Weight loss can be difficult no matter who you are, however, women really do have the short end of the stick in this area. If you’ve ever known a couple who diets together, or been part of such a couple, you know exactly how different it is. It is just infuriating how men don’t seem to have to work nearly as hard or struggle as much to drop those annoying extra pounds.  

While there are female specific challenges, they can be overcome, and the first step is to identify those that you as a woman face when trying to drop the pounds.

Understanding The Numbers

So let’s talk numbers and see if we can’t simplify things a little. The total calories you burn in a day is all about crunching the numbers. Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn when at rest. It may be surprising to learn that on average about 70% of the calories that are burned during the day are burned just to keep your body functioning. This is what you will use even if all you do is sit on the sofa all day. So, in order to lose weight you have eat less than you burn, which results in a calorie deficiency that results in weight loss. Of course, when you add physical activity to the equation, you can eat more calories and still lose weight.

Figuring out how many calories you should eat each day based on your activity levels will help you to begin. There are many online calculators that will determine the right number based on your weight, age, and activity levels.

Of course, this part is simple. Now, let’s talk about some of the real challenges that you as a woman face that your male counterparts usually don’t.


Women are highly critical of themselves. Even if you could ignore all of the outside issues you face, you’re more likely to judge yourself harshly than you are to give yourself credit for the good things you do and all your great physical features.

Pressures Of Society

The magazine rack at the supermarket is a mirror of what society expects women to look like. Anorexic super models and size one actresses have become the model of a women’s ideal figure. This type of unrealistic view of what a “real woman” should look like puts excess pressure on women to reach unreal ideals. Real women have curves, something that is forgotten in a society obsessed with hard bodies and size zero waifs on the covers of magazines.

Eating Out And Portions

If the overriding obsession with women’s weight and its connection to their attractiveness wasn’t enough to be a problem the whole of the health industry is still focused on men. One area where this is extra apparent is when it comes to portion sizes.

Women are bombarded with portion sizes. Consider restaurants for instance. That indulgent dish at your favorite pasta place might add up to be more than double your daily caloric requirements, where for a man it might just be dinner. Moreover, while you might think you’ll know when to push the plate away, it’s easy to keep eating, because it’s still on your plate and that’s what we’re trained to do.

Fitness Marketing

Marketing goes further to market fitness differently to women than it does to men. Women are pushed to female style activities, ones that are deemed to be proper and model an almost 50s view of the world, where girls are told to do spin classes, and running and buy those brightly colored free weights.

Women should be aggressively strength training just like their male counterparts because lean muscle tone burns fat and increases metabolism. More lean muscle tone is one of the main reasons men naturally burn more calories and lose weight faster than women can.

Your Hormones Are Working Against You

Women also have to face an onslaught of hormones that fluctuate throughout the month and change significantly through the aging process. With this comes the fact that during your cycle you can retain water. This water retention can be a huge obstacle when you are getting on the scale. It can make it seem like even when you are working your hardest, you step on the scale and instead of dropping weight you’ve gained two pounds. This is not only disappointing it makes it hard to feel positive about all the work you’ve been doing.

Hormones can also interfere with weight loss efforts, such as estrogen that causes weight gain and fatty tissue cells to grow.

Emotional Eating

Women fall victim to this issue much more than men, and it is often difficult to overcome. Do you reach for cookies and ice cream when you are upset or depressed? How many movies show the cliché of the woman who just broke up with her boyfriend reaching for a tub of ice cream to heal her wounds?

Emotional eating is using food to deal with feelings. This not only leads to weight gain, but also is a vicious cycle that propagates depressions, low self-esteem, and pain that leads to more overeating.

Learning healthy ways to deal with emotions and getting in touch with your body to identify real hunger versus emotional hunger are the best ways to begin the road to recovery from this unhealthy behavior.

Dealing With The Challenges

The first step in moving forward is to stop being so mean to yourself. You are your own worst critic, and when you start to give yourself just a little kindness and acknowledge your accomplishments rather than notice only failures you will see improvement.

Stay off the scale. Keep your time on the scale limited to once or twice a month rather than constantly or obsessively weighing yourself. Since weight fluctuates, this will help keep you from feeling bad when you’re retaining water due to your hormones.

Don’t just run, lift. Strength training is key to getting fit, join the men at the gym who are lifting and work right alongside. Avoid any workout program or fitness information that supposedly caters particularly to women but excludes any kind of strength training.

Look to the right kind of idols. Don’t focus on those anorexic magazine models as your example of fitness; instead find real women who have overcome similar difficulties you face each day. This will help you make goals that are more realistic and accomplish them.

Bottom Line

Even when you slip, even when you fall, you can reach the goals you want with hard work and treating yourself better

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Great Ways to Fail at Weight Loss

Millions of people in America are trying to lose weight without much success. There are many reasons for this failure, although most would rather give up than fix their mistakes. Weight loss is hard! Without a little patience and knowledge about nutrition and exercise, your best weight loss plan may crumble. Learning the top reasons why weight loss plans fails is important so that you do not make these mistakes in your own life.



First, many weight loss plans fail because the people trying to lose weight follow too strict of a diet. When you cut back your calories, you will burn more than you eat, so you’ll lose weight, right? If you do this gradually, then yes, it works like a charm. However, if you suddenly cut too many, you won’t lose any weight at all because your metabolism will slow down. You also put yourself at danger for not getting enough of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients you need every single day in order to stay healthy.



                                                                              PARTNER UP

Another common mistake is trying to go at weight loss alone. Everything you do regarding weight loss, from dieting to exercising, will be a hundred times easier if you have a partner because you will push each other not to quit. Working with a support system on a large scale is also important. Your friends and family should know that you are attempting to lose weight so that they can help you on the process and not tempt you by doing things like baking you cookies or taking up your gym time. Also, remember that professionals, like doctors and trainers, should come into the weight loss plan to help you shed the pounds.



Setting unrealistic goals is another good way to fail at a weight loss plan. When you set goals that you can’t easily reach, you push yourself to move forward and will feel successful even if you fall short. However, when you set impossible goals, you will find that you are easily frustrated. Don’t weigh in every day, don’t completely cut out all of the foods you eat on a regular basis, and don’t exercise to much right away. Gradually build up to reaching the goals you really want for your life.



                                                BE YOURSELF

Lastly, simply know yourself. Weight loss plans fail when you attempt to be something you are not. Maybe you have wide hips—a weight loss plan won’t completely change that, for example.

You have to be happy with yourself on the inside before you change things on the outside in order to succeed at losing weight.


                                         HERE'S TO YOU!

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The Advantages of Weight Loss

It seems like everyone is trying to lose weight—but why? Actually, there are a number of reasons why a person may want to lose weight, and these reasons are justified. Losing weight does have great advantages. Of course, there are always going to be horror stories about people who fall into the traps of eating disorders, but for the most part, losing weight is greatly to your advantage.


The most obvious advantage to weight loss is, of course, the health benefits. When you are heavier than normal, you put your body at risk to develop a number of disease and conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and intestinal diseases. These can be prevents and more easily treated if you lose weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is something that you and your doctor should discuss in order to make the best decisions for your body’s health.


There are, however, other advantages as well. First and foremost, when you are of a normal weight, shopping for clothing is more fun and easier because you actually fit into clothing more readily. It can often be less expensive as well. The extra large sizes and beyond use more fabric to make, so many manufacturers raise the prices for these larger articles of clothing.


Losing weight also can teach you about healthy eating, which opens up a whole new world when it comes to food. Cooking with healthy, fresh ingredients can be really fun, and it can be an activity your do with a spouse or children so that the entire family is eating more healthy foods and focused on losing extra weight and maintain healthy weights. 


Of course, one of the best advantages is how you will feel about yourself after you’ve lost the weight. Who doesn’t want to receive compliments from coworkers? Who doesn’t want to attend their high school reunions looking even prettier than when actually in high school? Who doesn’t want to smile at their appearance every day when looking in the mirror? Of course, for some people, this takes more than losing weight, but it’s a good start. Discuss your weight loss and potential happiness with a counselor to learn how feeling better about yourself can be possible.


There are a number of other advantages to losing weight as well—you’ll have more energy, be better able to play with your children, have a sense of achievement and much, much more. If you think that you’ve like to take advantage of these great things about weight loss, talk to your doctor today to find out how that can be possible.



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Goal Setting

Reaching for the Stars—or for the Size 2 Jeans

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating to not see result or to stop seeing results. However, this happens to many people for a variety of different reasons. Losing weight is never easy; at least, it is not as easy as putting on the weight. If you truly want to see the results you wish you could have, the best way to do that is to set weight losing goals. Having goals will put you on the fast track to success with your weight loss.

Before you simply set goals and start dieting and exercising, talk to your doctor and professional who who specializes in nutrition and fitness. As always, consult with your health care practitioner prior to starting any These people will be able to help you set healthy goals that you’ll be able to reach with a little hard work. They’ll also be able to point out goals that could result in dangerous eating or exercising habits. Poor eating can easily turn into an eating disorder and unhealthy amounts of exercise can cause you body to weaken and make you prone to injury. Professionals know what they are talking about in weight loss, so trust their opinion on most matters.

When setting weight loss goals, try to come up with a plan that will allow you to reach your goals, but not without effort. This requires a lot of balance and will possible require you to reset goals after a few months. If your goals are too easy, you will not be losing weight at the maximum rate or pushing yourself to try harder, which is not a good idea when it comes to weight loss, as it may cause you to give up your plan completely. If your goals are too difficult to reach, on the other hand, you may also want to give up because you become frustrating at not seeing the results you think you should be seeing. There’s a fine line between pushing yourself too much and not enough.

As you set goals, consider a number of things, such as how often you’re able to work out, your weight now and what it would be in a perfect world, the specific parts of your body that make you most unhappy, and you physical abilities. Don’t just set a number goal—work towards a number of different goals. Set goals to cover you total weight, the inches you want to lose from your waist or other areas, the pants size you’d like to be able to wear, and the health factors, like a certain cholesterol or blood pressure, that you want to achieve. Set both long term and short term goals and you’ll be well on your way to losing the weight.

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Weight Loss on the Go

If you’re a very busy person, you might find it difficult to lose weight. However, because maintaining a healthy weight is so important, it is crucial to learn ways to fit weight loss into your lifestyle, no matter how busy you may be. If you’re constantly on the go, you can use the following tips for staying in control of your weight.


First, have a plan for weight loss. If you don’t, you will be tempted to start your weight loss “tomorrow,” and for many people, tomorrow never quite get to today. Start by setting goals that you can actually achieve with some work, but which are not to easy to complete. Talk to your doctor or a professional trainer to figure out how to meet your weight loss needs.

It is also a great idea to consider your food choices on a daily basis. If you feel as though you have no time for anything more than fast food for lunch during the day, consider healthy choices, like subs instead of burgers and water instead of soda. The best choice is to bring a packed lunch every day instead. This will save you money and really doesn’t take much time to prepare in the morning. Find a healthy lunch meat and low-fat cheese combination that you love, or purchase ready-to-go salad that you can take with you to work.


One relatively simple thing you can do to really cut back on calories without lots of time or effort is think about your drinks. First, cut back on all alcoholic beverages. If you like to go out to happy hour, have one drink instead of two, or switch to diet options. If you feel pressured to drink on the weekends, simply offer to be the designated driver. Alcohol isn’t the only thing you should consider, however. You should also think about drinking fewer beverages with lots of sugar. Trade your coffee in the morning for green smoothies. Replace sodas with other types of smoothies or juices. Simply cut back on your intake of beverages all together, and drink water. Doing this alone will allow you to shed pounds, especially if you usually drink a lot of non-water beverages during the day.


Don’t fall into the mindset that you are too busy to lose weight. Weight loss is important for absolutely everyone, including you. When you take care of your weight, you will be a healthier person in general, which leads to less down time due to illness and a longer lifespan.



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Weight Loss Starts with Whole-System Balance: A Balance of the Body and Mind

Many dieters believe that weight loss is as simple as eating less and exercising more. For some, that may hold true; however, for countless others, this minimal approach to weight loss is ineffective.

Research is beginning to show that weight loss is a combination of many factors and many factors affect the success or failure of weight loss. Some of these factors are the amount of sleep you get, how much stress you have, and your mindset to succeed.

Weight Loss and the Body

There are many factors that go into a successful weight loss regimen.

* Diet
* Exercise
* Fluid Intake

These are to name just a few. The physical factor that connects the body and weight loss is the individual. Each individual is different with different metabolism, weight loss needs, and body shape. Finding a program that is tailored for your body and your needs is the key to success in dieting and maintaining healthy weight thereafter.



Once you have discovered what system or combination of systems works best for you, then you are well on your way to weight loss success. Not every combination of exercise and diet is appropriate for every body.

The Mind Power behind Weight Loss

Research and studies show that the mindset of a patient with an illness appears to directly impact that patient’s success in recovery. Patients with a positive mindset tend to heal a bit more quickly and overcome a bit more than patients with a negative disposition.

The power of the mind in all areas of life is an extremely powerful tool. Incorporating the power of the mind into your weight loss goals offers a higher success rate in your efforts.

Taking upon spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, or simply going for a brisk walk all increase good emotions. When you are feeling good, you will desire to gain more of that feeling. Feeling good from the onset will increase your ambition and determination in your weight loss endeavors. If your stress levels are decreased, you will feel good and want to look good, as well. It is a win/win situation all the way around.

Things such as meditation and yoga can significantly reduce stress, which can lower the levels of cortisol in your system. Ensuring proper sleep will be another valuable benefit in aiding your weight loss efforts. When the body is well-rested, it functions properly and helps keep your hormones balanced, as well.

In addition, speaking with professionals in the area of wellness, holistic weight loss, or a nutritionist will benefit your weight loss efforts.

Combining the efforts of both the mind and the body is a win/win situation for your weight loss endeavors.


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5 Ways to Avoid Your Home Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

In this day and age of little luxuries, it is no wonder that we, as a society, are heavier. Did you know that some things in your home could actually be contributing to weight gain and sabotaging your efforts to lose weight? It’s true! From color schemes to the number of bathrooms you have to even what plates you eat on, there are little saboteurs in your home that must be erased in order to realize your weight loss goals.

There are countless little things that can be done in the home to encourage rather than interfere with your weight loss goals. However, by starting on the following improvements, you should eventually start seeing some improvements physically as well.


1.  Your dinner plates and drink glasses may be too big! When you have a large dinner plate, chances are that you are going to put more food than you would normally eat on it. And more than likely, you are going to eat most of it to avoid “wasting” the food. Put those 10 and 12 inch plates in storage and invest in some inexpensive plates about 7 to 9 inches instead. You will end up eating less and not miss a thing!

Some drinks offer up a lot of empty calories that can add inches to your waistline each year so exchange your gargantuan drinking glasses for those that hold about 8 ounces, the normal serving size for most drinks. In addition, banish those huge juice glasses and coffee cups as well. They should only hold 6 ounces.  

2.  Turn off the TV and turn on the music. Many studies show that when you eat and watch TV at the same time, you could potentially eat up to 40% more than you normally would! Goodness– that translates to quite a few more pounds at the end of the year. Instead, turn on the music, classical if possible. For some reason, fills in some mental gap that would normally be filled up by food if you were watching TV. Music is soothing and can help prevent stress or inattentive eating habits.


3.  Get rid of your “fat” clothes. Many women have three sizes of clothing – their skinny size, their regular size and their feeling fat size. If you are smaller than those fat sizes, get rid of them. They are sabotaging your chances of losing weight. When your regular clothes start to feel tight, that is your clue to shape up. By holding on to those “fat” clothes, you are essentially giving yourself permission to eat what you want.


4.  Let there be light! The use of light is a powerful psychological tool. By allowing daylight to peek into your curtains, you are synchronizing your body to respond positively to each day. Daylight helps prevent depression which could lead to overeating. Also, by keeping your kitchen brightly lit, you are less likely to overeat. Again, this all boils down to psychology.

5.  Turn on some music. Whether you are working out or cleaning the house, do not turn on your TV for background noise. Instead, put on some energizing music. Many studies have shown that working out to energizing music helps you go farther on that stationary bike or treadmill or last longer with other work-out options. In addition, if you are cleaning the house, most people cannot resist a little dancing in between dusting or mopping. So essentially, you are getting two ways of burning calories – one when you are cleaning and two, when you are doing your impromptu dancing.

Bonus Improvements

The use of color and smell is also a big motivator when it comes to losing weight. Burning candles or essential oils with the scent of peppermint or cinnamon is energizing. People who work out tend to last longer within their exercise routines. In addition, energizing smells tend to suppress those urges to eat during times of stress or boredom.

In addition, for some reason, people tend to eat less when faced with the color blue. Therefore, if your kitchen color scheme can handle it, serve dinner on blue plates or paint a wall blue. Colors such as red and green tend to increase appetites, so try and avoid these colors in your dinnerware.


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Weight Loss Gone Wild! Breaking the Rules

When you want to lose weight, there might be a number of rules you will want to follow in order to shed the pounds as quickly as possible. That said, some rules just don’t work. No matter how great they sound or how many experts can show you the results following these rules will bring you, there are a number that should just be broken, at least some of the time. When you know which weight loss rules to break, you have a better chance of losing the weight you’d like to lose and keeping it off.


First, certain items used to “motivate” you simply won’t work. Although having a size 2 pair to jeans in your closet might seem like a good way to motivate yourself towards your weight loss goals, for most people this is just depressing and frustrating, especially if you’re a size 10 currently. Get rid of anything that does not fit. Also, stop weighing yourself every day. As you exercise, you’ll build muscle, which weighs much more than fat.


Another weight loss rule to break is the one that says you should cut out all of the junk food in your life. If you are currently drinking a six-pack every night or eating fast food every day, suddenly stopping this behavior won’t last long. When the cravings kick in, you’ll simply be too frustrated to continue with any diet. Instead, break this rule. It's called "crowding out". Allow yourself to have sweets and other bad food a few times a week, gradually continuing to cut back until you don’t need those foods any longer. Instead of using deprivation, incorporate more healthy foods and your body will actually start to adjust and you may notice those foods that once controlled your life, will be a thing of the past.

Also, if a diet tells you to completely cut out one food group or another in general, break the rules. You need proteins, even if you are a vegetarian. You need carbohydrates, even if you do go on the Atkins diet. You even need fats, even if you are overweight. All the nutrients in your body have to work together on a daily basis to regulate your body’s function, and cutting out completely one link to that chain will ruin your entire health. Instead, learn which foods to eat in moderation and follow that rule instead.


Don’t be afraid to question weight loss rules that you come across. It is simply better to do that than to follow rules that you’re likely to break or that you don’t understand. Not all rules are good for your body, and that’s what weight loss should be—a healthy new lifestyle change.

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