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Circulation for Skin Care

It is very important to maintain good circulation of the blood for your skin to remain healthy and your complexion to look well as you age.

As we age our circulation system pumps the blood more slowly throughout the body and along with a reduction in circulation the skin becomes more dehydrated with the consequent degeneration in skin health.

Along with the slowing down of the circulation system the body makes fewer new cells and the cells that we do lose are replaced a lot slower.

Those cells that we do have also lose their ability to adhere to one another.

It makes sense then to try to increase your circulation system and one of the best ways to do this is by getting regular exercise.

Not only will this exercise improve your overall health but also improve your complexion as the increased flow of blood to the skin will also help it to remain hydrated and stave off wrinkles for little bit longer.

Any form of resistance training will also help to stimulate the muscles under the skin and this can have a similar effect to a mild facelift.

We tend tighten the muscles of the face when doing any form of resistance work or training and this helps to firm the face and give it a lift.

Maintaining a happy healthy life will be reflected in your face and will help to make you look considerably younger provided of course that you take care with the correct skin care products and keeping out of the sun where possible.

The older we get the more care we need to take of our skin, not only from the outside but also from the inside and the best way to take care of that is with good healthy blood circulation and remaining well hydrated.

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