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Natural Pain Reliever In A Bottle-Just Add Water


Well not the kind of bottle filled with pills. A hot water bottle.

How many of you have one of those lying around? You will definitely want to run out and grab one after you read this.

Heat from the water bottle brings energy and creates more blood circulation to your digestive organs when placed on your belly.

Did you know that your lower belly is the center and source of your life energy according to Asian philosophy?

 Placed on the belly, it can aid in digesting food after a heavy meal. Ladies, menstrual cramps can be a thing of the past when using the hot water bottle as it can help relieve pain and tension. It has been proven that applying heat to your abdominal region can deactivate pain at a molecular level similar to taking over-the-counter painkillers. The pain messages to the brain are blocked from the heat.

Need help relaxing and falling asleep? Try using it at bedtime for about 20 minutes. It may be the answer to your
prayers. And, you don't need to worry about plugging it in like the heating pad.

 I am all about natural ways to heal and pamper yourself. The hot water bottle is an inexpensive and easy way to show your body some love.

As always, consult your health care provider with any medical concerns you may have.

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