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Try These Must Have Supplements to Relieve Menopause


To find menopause relief, you may want to look to natural supplements for some added health.  Those that are facing the symptoms of menopause must take into consideration the various types o…

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Natural Skin Care Tips that Can Never Go Wrong

Now you do not need to spend countless money in ensuring an effective skin care regimen that will ensure you of healthy skin and there are indeed natural skin care tips that can never go wrong.


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Circulation for Skin Care

It is very important to maintain good circulation of the blood for your skin to remain healthy and your complexion to look well as you age.

As we age our circulation system pumps the blood more slo…

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Difficulty Sleeping? Try These Tips........

As much as we would enjoy a good nights sleep, we often find it difficult to finally lay our head down and doze off into la la land.

Most of us don’t have as much control over the amount of good sl…

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Stressed Out? Mood Swings? Your Liver May Be Crying For Help!

Our liver sure knows how to communicate with us. It plays with our emotions. Do you find yourself flying off the handle? Everything seemed right, now it's wrong?

Your liver is screaming "I don't l…

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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all have our comfort zone, a world where we feel comfortable and safe. We are at ease in our routine surroundings, job, community, and relationships.  But here’s the catch - in our ever-changin…

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16 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

Hormones have a huge effect on our lives, especially as women. They affect everything from our mood to our weight. Most any pregnant woman or teenage girl will tell you how her moods, weight and e…

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Tips to a Toner Tummy

Thousands of women and men across the nation seek to tone their tummies every year when swimsuit season comes around. If you’ve failed at this in the past, then you know just how frustrating it really…

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Natural Pain Reliever In A Bottle-Just Add Water


Well not the kind of bottle filled with pills. A hot water bottle.

How many of you have one of those lying around? You will definitely want to run out and grab one after you read this.


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How To Be a Risk Taker Even When You're Scared

Don’t you admire risk takers – especially when they win or give a thrilling performance? There’s something exciting about someone who takes a chance - the person who has courage to start a busines…

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How Gluten Interferes With Weight Loss

For some individuals, gluten can pose a serious health problem. For others, it is a sensitivity, but can still wreak havoc throughout the body. Gluten is typically a protein that is found in foods mad…

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4 Secrets to Losing Weight

If you are battling with excess weight, than you probably know that losing the pounds can be both difficult and frustrating. However, there are four secrets that many people never know that can make w…

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Sugar Substitutes-Friend or Foe?

Sugar substitutes have been around for many years; however, if you stop and ask most individuals, they do not know why they use them or what their benefits are. Most individuals just grab those colorf…

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Signs You're Faking it Not Making it

The old adage, “Fake it till you make it,” has helped many people get through very challenging situations. Walking into new situations such as starting a new job, mingling with strangers or facilitati…

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Confidence and You

Think of a recent social or business gathering you attended. Who were the people that projected confidence? You probably remember them well because confident people radiate a warmth and enthusiasm…

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Seven Steps For Putting Off Procrastination

If you are like most people, you have been putting something off that you know you need to get done. In fact, I bet right this minute you could name three things you've been putting off for at least t…

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Challenges to Losing Weight

Weight loss can be difficult no matter who you are, however, women really do have the short end of the stick in this area. If you’ve ever known a couple who diets together, or been part of such a coup…

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Identifying Your Stressors: Be Specific

Would you be surprised to discover that stress has been named as an underlying factor in up to 90% of illnesses?  Would you be surprised to find that most of the people around you feel stressed much o…

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Hate Exercising? Here's Some Workout Tips for You

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t consider exercising your favorite pastime. In fact, some people downright hate exercising. However, exercising is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and wi…

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"To Do List" or "Ta Da List"

There are many reasons for work-related stress, but the primary reason that most people have work related stress is that they don’t feel appreciated for the work they do.  While we can’t change others…

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When You Can't Change It, Change the Way You See It

One type of stress none of us can avoid is Environmental Stress. Environmental stress is the stress that you can do absolutely nothing about. This includes things like the weather, traffic, and gettin…

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Great Ways to Fail at Weight Loss

Millions of people in America are trying to lose weight without much success. There are many reasons for this failure, although most would rather give up than fix their mistakes. Weight loss is hard! …

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The Advantages of Weight Loss

It seems like everyone is trying to lose weight—but why? Actually, there are a number of reasons why a person may want to lose weight, and these reasons are justified. Losing weight does have great ad…

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Moving From Doubt to Getting It Done

People who get things done don't let anxiety and worry hold them back. They are too busy moving forward to get side-tracked by doubt. They approach new opportunities with a perspective of hope and pos…

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Goal Setting

Reaching for the Stars—or for the Size 2 Jeans

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating to not see result or to stop seeing results. However, this happens to many people for a var…

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Stress: Choosing What to Tackle and What to Release

When facing a stressful time, it can be very helpful to categorize and prioritize the things that are causing your stress.  There are two critical questions to ask yourself when doing this:

In thi…

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Three Small Steps For Big Wins

Have you ever noticed that when your confidence is low, you downplay your strengths and overemphasize your flaws? Or, that when you feel small, you act small, or not at all? When this happens your sel…

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Calm Down and Carry On

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed or stressed that you can’t think straight?  Do you have days when your mind feels so cluttered that you can't fit in another chore, project or appointment even if you w…

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Weight Loss on the Go

If you’re a very busy person, you might find it difficult to lose weight. However, because maintaining a healthy weight is so important, it is crucial to learn ways to fit weight loss into your li…

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Kick Some "Buts" Along the Journey

Are you a dreamer, a doer, or both? Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas, are you able to plant your feet on the ground and take action?  Confident people let their imagination soar with possibil…

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Stress and Relationships: How to Navigate the Tough Stuff

Have you ever been guilty of taking your stress out on someone you love? Has someone you live with been able to sense your stress before you get completely through the door at the end of the day?


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Just Who Do You Think You Are?


Have you ever had an idea, a dream, or a sudden burst of confidence to try something new, only to be reeled in by your internal voice that says, “Who do you think you are?”?  All of a sudden we …

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Weight Loss Starts with Whole-System Balance: A Balance of the Body and Mind

Many dieters believe that weight loss is as simple as eating less and exercising more. For some, that may hold true; however, for countless others, this minimal approach to weight loss is ineffect…

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The Power of Optimism

Being optimistic is more than seeing the world through rose colored glasses. Optimism shows itself through your attitude, belief and actions. When we are optimistic everything in life is different.

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5 Ways to Avoid Your Home Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

In this day and age of little luxuries, it is no wonder that we, as a society, are heavier. Did you know that some things in your home could actually be contributing to weight gain and sabotaging you…

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How to Stay Inspired and Inspire Others

We all have our comfort zone, a world where we feel comfortable and safe. We are at ease in our routine surroundings, job, community, and relationships.  But here’s the catch - in our ever-changing wo…

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Weight Loss Gone Wild! Breaking the Rules

When you want to lose weight, there might be a number of rules you will want to follow in order to shed the pounds as quickly as possible. That said, some rules just don’t work. No matter how great t…

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Gray Hair Natural Remedies Worth a Try

Aside from wrinkles, sagging facial muscles and the tired look, one of the most obvious manifestations of looking aged is graying hair. The sad part of it is that it affects men and women alike an…

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