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Since I can remember I've always had a passion for health. Growing up with an "Old School" Greek father, who is now 92, it was natural for me to learn remedies that would later turn out to be quite beneficial. At 51, I still go back to the basics.

For the past 20+ years, I have dedicated my life to researching the connection between nutrition and the illnesses that have plagued our society. I can say wholeheartedly the general population is clueless to the power they have within to heal naturally. 

My journey began after years of quarterly doctor visits with complaints from head to toe. The doctors had an easy answer, medications. Sure, they thought it was all in my head. Really? How can bloating out like a football after you eat be in your head? It went from in my head, bloated stomach, to psoriasis. At first it was just elbows and a couple spots here and there. What happened next would be devastating and quite rare. Psoriasis all over my face.

Imagine walking around with your face peeling off and swollen like a balloon. The pain was unbearable and I refused all conventional treatment. I wanted to know why my face had gotten to the point it felt and looked like someone threw acid on it. So, for quite some time I walked around feeling humiliated to even go in public. But I did it. How's that for determination.

Despite the many pleas from family and friends to put an end to my misery and take medications, I stuck it out and against all odds, I healed my facial psoriasis naturally. Food played a major role. Think about it, what else do you put in your body, aside from meds, that could possibly affect your system. I still recall the doctors telling me there was no way it would heal without medications.

I am a testament to the power of nutrition and it is with passion that I share the knowledge I have gained. I have made it my mission to touch as many lives as possible. I want to empower individuals to get fired up about their health and take control of their body.

My philosophy is quiet simple, “Don’t complicate things”. Feed your body what it wants and needs and eliminate what it doesn’t. Pay attention to the warning signs it gives and take action, don’t ignore them. Cleanse/detox to purge your system of unwanted and harmful toxins. Most ailments tend to stem from what you put in your body and the environment around you which leads to emotional upsets that we store deep in our cells.

I know, it is not as easy as it sounds. It is easier, however, when you connect with someone that has actually been there done that and defeated ailments against all odds. Now, most doctors will be the first to tell you they have little knowledge when it comes to nutrition. For preventative measures, even they will tell you seek out a nutrition/health coach. 

That’s where I come in. Torina Collis, Mindset and Wellness Expert empowering you to transform the way you think about your body, get fired up and shift your beliefs to create an unstoppable mindset towards your health and happiness.

Your health comes first. Without it, nothing else matters. You're either taking control of your body and health or you are simply existing. Work with me, get empowered and create the life you so desire!

Here's to you, your health and the possibilities that await you!





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