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Coaching Mediterranean Style


What Does Coaching Meditteranean Style Mean?


altWithout a doubt, the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest in the World. From the fish, vegetables, olive oil to the garlic (natural antibiotic) and lets not forget the red wine.

So, What comes to mind when you think Mediterranean? Is it the beauty, music, sandy beaches with crystal clear water? You can add longevity, laughter, good health and keeping weight under control to the list. Have you heard the expression "Eat to live, not live to eat".

When you eat to live, food becomes your secondary focus. You eat to nourish your body, increase energy and build strength. On the other hand, when you live to eat, you become obsessed with food. At that point, your food becomes primary. 

Remember as a child you were playing outside, having fun? All of a sudden you hear your mother "dinners ready". You weren't even hungry. Why? You were playing, that's where your attention was. You were passionately having fun. What happens as we get older? For the most part, the play stops. We are programmed that we have to "grow up" now and blah, blah, blah. Well I'm here to tell you, the play and passion doesn't have to stop. We hunger for play, adventure, movement, music, touch, self expression and excitement. Let that energy in your life feed you and put the food on your plate secondary.

Coaching Mediterranean Style focuses primarily on other aspects of your life and leaves the food for what is intended to do, nourish. You'll learn the secrets to longevity and have fun doing it.

So glad you're here!

altI'm Torina and my passion is helping others. I have to admit, I'm not your typical health coach. I was raised with a Greek father who loves to cook and dances in his 90's. We didn't solely focus on food. I take your focus off of food and you'll eat simply to nourish your body. I've been blessed with learning the secrets to longevity and I am here to share them with you.

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